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Amtrak's liability for injuries

After Amtrak's fateful accident on Monday, people in Honolulu and all over the country are wondering if the company is liable for the injuries and deaths that resulted. The derailment took place in the early morning hours, during a busy rush hour. Not only were train passengers affected, but people in vehicles were also involved, whether due to injuries or chaos on the road.

How can you survive the dazing effects of a car accident?

FindLaw offers tips for drivers involved in accidents on Hawaii's highways. In the aftermath of a collision, motorists often find themselves dazed and disoriented. If this happens to you, having a plan of action will guide your next steps.

Motorcyclists and fatal distracted driving crashes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, distracted driving accidents claim roughly nine lives every single day in the U.S. On an annual basis, thousands of lives are lost as a result of distracted driving. In fact, 2015 saw 3,477 lives lost to distracted driving, a reminder of how serious this problem is. Distractions such as cell phone use pose a serious threat to the lives of pedestrians and all other drivers on the road. However, they are especially dangerous for those who ride a motorcycle.

Recovering losses following a wrongful death accident

You likely remember exactly what you were doing the day you got the phone call that changed the rest of your life. When a Hawaii police officer on the other end of the line informed you that your loved one had been in a terrible collision, terror may have filled you. After later learning that your beloved family member had not survived the accident, you found yourself wanting answers to what felt like hundreds of questions.

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