Driving around with faulty brakes

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Serious Personal Injury

When people fail to maintain their vehicles properly, they pose a major risk to themselves and other people on the road. There are many ways in which a vehicle that is not maintained properly may lead to a collision, whether a tire blows out on the road or someone’s steering wheel locks up while they are attempting to make a turn. However, defective brakes are especially concerning and have caused many motor vehicle collisions over the years.

Some drivers may not realize that their brakes need to be repaired and they continue driving around until they find themselves in a crash. Others may know that their brakes need to be addressed but they fail to take action because they cannot afford to replace the brakes or they think they are too busy or procrastinate. However, the consequences that can arise from a crash caused by faulty brakes can be very serious, including devastating injuries and the loss of life, and it is paramount for drivers to address any maintenance issues at once. In some instances, a manufacturer may be responsible for defective brakes or a body shop may not repair brakes properly.

Regardless of the reasons why some drivers fail to maintain their vehicles properly, there is no excuse when these problems result in a serious crash that either claims innocent lives or leaves victims with significant injuries. If you were hit by a driver who should not have been operating a vehicle with faulty brakes, you may want to look at your legal options.