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Fatal car crashes and dash cams

If an irresponsible driver has created serious problems in your life by causing an accident that a loved one was involved in, you should do your best to have them held accountable. When it comes to proving your case in court, there may be a number of issues to consider. However, if you have dash cam footage of a fatal accident or another type of recording (such as evidence you captured with a cell phone), this may be very helpful. Our law firm knows the pain that victims of these wrecks and their relatives go through and we believe you should do what you can to strengthen your case if a negligent driver has shattered your life.

Looking at other pedestrian accident causes

When someone is trying to cross the street or even just walking along a sidewalk, a reckless driver can pose a serious threat. Tragically, some pedestrians are struck by careless drivers who fail to obey traffic safety laws, whether they reach dangerous speeds, do not stop at a stop sign, or are operating their vehicle while intoxicated from drug use or alcohol. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents have many other causes as well.

Sharing traffic accident details online

In the aftermath of a traffic collision, victims may have many questions. Additionally, you might be upset or stressed out about how the accident will affect your future. Sometimes, people turn to social media to share details about what they have been through, find support from others in their community, and gain access to information. However, it is very important to be mindful with regard to the type of information you post. Unfortunately, sharing certain details could hurt your chances of moving forward if you decide to take legal action or file a claim with an insurance provider.

Pedestrian accidents and Halloween

Pedestrians face diverse threats whether they are walking to work or simply getting some exercise. Unfortunately, some are struck by drunk drivers or drivers who fail to pay attention to the road. Moreover, there are certain times when pedestrians face an even greater risk of being struck and when pedestrian accidents are more common due to increased traffic. For example, Halloween can be especially dangerous for those who go door-to-door while trick-or-treating. Our law firm knows that pedestrian accidents can be very emotional for victims and those they love, which highlights how crucial it is for parents and children to be mindful during Halloween. Sadly, reckless drivers will continue to destroy lives.

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