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Are you suffering because of a defective airbag?

Speed and alcohol are often factors in fatal auto accidents in Hawaii. Because you never know the condition of other drivers or the consideration for others that they exercise behind the wheel, you likely take every precaution, such as refraining from drinking alcohol, avoiding distractions and always wearing your seat belt. Fortunately, newer vehicles have increasingly more advanced safety features, and you have come to rely on them for your family's protection.

Recovering from a crash as a single parent

Traffic wrecks can be devastating for victims from all walks of life, but for some people a collision can be particularly upsetting. For example, a single parent may have an especially hard time recovering from a crash and the consequences may be very damaging with respect to their finances, emotions and career. If you are a single parent struggling to move forward from an accident, it is critical for you to look into all of the legal options you might have.

Car accident risks while visiting a new area

There are all sorts of risks that play a role in motor vehicle wrecks, but some are less common or are not given as much consideration in comparison to drunk driving. For example, someone who is not familiar with the roads in a particular area, even if they are not very far from home, may be more likely to find themselves in a collision. If you are driving in a new area, it is important to be careful and watch out for any potential hazards.

Long-distance bicycling and traffic crashes

If you ride a bicycle on or near roads, you may be involved in a serious collision with a vehicle. Bike accidents are caused by all sorts of different factors, such as driver negligence and the use of drugs or alcohol. As a bicyclist, you should also be aware of the risks associated with long-distance bicycling. For example, those who ride their bicycles for extended periods of time may become exhausted and more likely to find themselves in a collision. Moreover, the likelihood of a traffic accident may be higher when a bicyclist spends a significant amount of time on the road.

Are injury-related deaths among teens on the rise?

There are a number of different hazards that young people face on a daily basis, from violence and health problems to suicide. However, traffic accidents are especially concerning and have claimed the lives of many young people across the country. Moreover, there is evidence which shows that the number of young people who pass away due to traffic crashes has been increasing after years of declining.

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