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February 2018 Archives

Medical device failure and injury

Injured patients and family members of victims who have died due to malfunctioning medical devices may be able to seek legal action in Hawaii. While there are systems in place to reduce safety concerns in medical devices, there are still many people negatively affected by defective products.

High costs of motor vehicle accidents

Serious motor vehicle accidents in Hawaii can result in high costs, not just monetarily but emotionally and mentally as well. In cases related to personal injury, whether there was serious injury or even death, there are numerous things victims can pursue compensation for.

Are train companies held liable for injuries?

With recent Amtrak derailments and accidents, people in Hawaii are wondering who pays for injuries and damage in train crashes. In the past few months, Amtrak has been the focus due to numerous catasrophes that have resulted in serious injury and even death. Although investigations are ongoing, and Amtrak may be found not to be at-fault, there is a good chance the company will still be the one who pays out the money for medical bills, funeral expenses, and lost wages.

Mass shooting devastation leads to class action lawsuit petition

You may be one of many Hawaii residents who were shocked and dismayed last October when a mass shooting occurred in another state. Reporters labeled the tragedy the worst of its kind in the nation's history. In the aftermath of those tragic events, you may have heard (or even participated in) discussions and contentious debates regarding firearms and Second Amendment rights. In this particular situation, the focus was on a particular product known as a bump stock.

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