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How to pursue a medical malpractice claim

Patients in Hawaii who have been injured due to a medical mistake may want to take action against the healthcare team that was in charge of their care. Because the majority of doctors and other healthcare professionals have their patients' best care in mind, a medical mistake is usually just that, and sometimes a resolution can be reached without the need to go to court. In order to get the best possible outcome, the injured party should follow a number of steps.

What are deceptive trade practices?

While we want to believe that all companies have their consumers' best interests in mind, it stands that sometimes, certain business practices cannot be trusted and certain Hawaii companies are only out for their own interests. When a company has misrepresented itself or its services to consumers in any way, this can be grounds for a consumer class action regarding deceptive trade practices. But what exactly are deceptive trade practices?

Anesthesia errors and how to prevent them

Surgeries and other procedures involving anesthesia in Hawaii are accompanied by a certain amount of risk. Errors relating to this can result in a number of complications including more serious ones such as brain damage and death. By studying why these errors occur, professionals in the industry are continually working on ways to reduce these mistakes.

Taking on Goliath through a class action lawsuit

You likely hear the news stories about people in Hawaii and elsewhere suffering injuries from igniting cell phone batteries, exploding airbags or defective medical devices. Perhaps you have experienced a similar incident with a product, and you considered trying to seek some compensation from the company. The factor that held you back was probably the idea of paying a lawyer to take on a big company for what would end up being a pittance in return if anything.

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