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A brief description of the FDA's drug approval process

If you have ever watched a commercial for a prescription medication on television, you have heard an announcer outline a handful of the side effects, some of which sound quite severe. This may make you wonder how a drug that could cause such serious side effects even makes it to consumers.

You may loosely understand that the Food and Drug Administration is supposed to approve all drugs before they reach you. However, you may wonder what that really means and entails.

Car accidents during a major event

There are a plethora of reasons why motor vehicle crashes keep happening, and these hazards create dangers on roadways across the country on a daily basis. Sometimes, however, unique occasions can increase the chances of a motor vehicle wreck temporarily. For example, a major event such as a popular leader visiting a city or a concert can make a car crash more likely. Not only do these events sometimes result in heavy traffic congestion, but they may bring a number of visitors who are not very familiar with the roads in a particular area—which is even more dangerous when the roads are so busy.

If you are attending a major event, it is important to watch out for reckless and erratic drivers. Even if you drive very responsibly, a collision could happen because of someone else’s lack of familiarity with the city or negligent behavior. Events can also lead to an increase in the number of drunk and intoxicated drivers. For example, an accident may happen following a music festival which involves a driver who was under the influence of drugs.

Driving around with faulty brakes

When people fail to maintain their vehicles properly, they pose a major risk to themselves and other people on the road. There are many ways in which a vehicle that is not maintained properly may lead to a collision, whether a tire blows out on the road or someone’s steering wheel locks up while they are attempting to make a turn. However, defective brakes are especially concerning and have caused many motor vehicle collisions over the years.

Some drivers may not realize that their brakes need to be repaired and they continue driving around until they find themselves in a crash. Others may know that their brakes need to be addressed but they fail to take action because they cannot afford to replace the brakes or they think they are too busy or procrastinate. However, the consequences that can arise from a crash caused by faulty brakes can be very serious, including devastating injuries and the loss of life, and it is paramount for drivers to address any maintenance issues at once. In some instances, a manufacturer may be responsible for defective brakes or a body shop may not repair brakes properly.

Alcohol and motorcycle collisions

Motorcycle accidents can be especially dangerous and have resulted in the loss of many lives over the years. When a motorcyclist collides with a vehicle or veers off of the road and slams into a tree, the outcome can be devastating. Although these accidents happen for many reasons, alcohol is an especially concerning factor that has played a role in many of these wrecks. Whether you are a motorcyclist, or you drive any vehicle, it is important to understand the risks associated with drinking and driving and do what you can to avoid a motorcycle collision.

Sometimes, motorcycle wrecks take place because a motorcyclist is under the influence. When a motorcyclist is intoxicated, they may struggle to operate their motorcycle safely and cause a crash. However, motorcyclists also have to watch out for drunk drivers, who may have an especially difficult time watching out for those on motorcycles. Sadly, the summer months bring many fatal motorcycle collisions, especially those which are caused by driving under the influence.

Recovering from an accident as an older person

We have written about motor vehicle crashes from a number of angles, but in this blog write-up we will look at the different reasons why car crashes can be especially tough for older adults. If you have been hit by a drunk driver or someone in your family is struggling with the aftermath of a collision, it is important to know what your options are and make recovery a top priority.

As an older adult, a motor vehicle crash could be especially dangerous from a physical standpoint. Many people pass away when they are involved in motor vehicle collision and you may suffer a wide variety of injuries that can make daily life difficult. Moreover, it can be incredibly tough to recover from these injuries, from brain trauma to broken bones and deep lacerations. Car accidents can be tough for victims of all ages, but the consequences of these accidents can be especially challenging for older adults, in some instances.

Are you suffering because of a defective airbag?

Speed and alcohol are often factors in fatal auto accidents in Hawaii. Because you never know the condition of other drivers or the consideration for others that they exercise behind the wheel, you likely take every precaution, such as refraining from drinking alcohol, avoiding distractions and always wearing your seat belt. Fortunately, newer vehicles have increasingly more advanced safety features, and you have come to rely on them for your family's protection.

When a car accident ends in the tragic death of a driver or passenger, there is typically an investigation into the reason for the crash and the cause of the victim's death. It is not always surprising when a motorist dies from injuries related to the collision, but it may be a shock to learn that safety features, such as a seatbelt or airbag, caused injuries or contributed to the death of a driver or passenger.

Recovering from a crash as a single parent

Traffic wrecks can be devastating for victims from all walks of life, but for some people a collision can be particularly upsetting. For example, a single parent may have an especially hard time recovering from a crash and the consequences may be very damaging with respect to their finances, emotions and career. If you are a single parent struggling to move forward from an accident, it is critical for you to look into all of the legal options you might have.

For some single parents, daily life can be particularly challenging for a variety of reasons. Aside from the daily stressors that come with raising a child, other issues may be making life tough, such as problems with your child’s other parent. With all of the stress and anxiety that some single parents face, a car accident may be more likely. Moreover, some single parents suffer from sleep deprivation or have incredibly busy schedules, making an accident more likely.

Car accident risks while visiting a new area

There are all sorts of risks that play a role in motor vehicle wrecks, but some are less common or are not given as much consideration in comparison to drunk driving. For example, someone who is not familiar with the roads in a particular area, even if they are not very far from home, may be more likely to find themselves in a collision. If you are driving in a new area, it is important to be careful and watch out for any potential hazards.

When some people visit another part of the country or state they live in, they may be more likely to cause an accident for various reasons. Aside from lacking familiarity with the roads, they might be tired and stressed out due to their trip. Moreover, distracted driving may be a concern when they are trying to read a map, talk with someone else in the car, or use a GPS. In fact, people may find themselves in motor vehicle accidents while visiting another country. For example, someone who has never driven in a different country may be unable to read the local language or be completely oblivious to certain traffic laws.

Long-distance bicycling and traffic crashes

If you ride a bicycle on or near roads, you may be involved in a serious collision with a vehicle. Bike accidents are caused by all sorts of different factors, such as driver negligence and the use of drugs or alcohol. As a bicyclist, you should also be aware of the risks associated with long-distance bicycling. For example, those who ride their bicycles for extended periods of time may become exhausted and more likely to find themselves in a collision. Moreover, the likelihood of a traffic accident may be higher when a bicyclist spends a significant amount of time on the road.

People ride their bicycle for long distances for many different reasons. For example, many bicyclists may compete in a competition which involves biking for miles and miles, while others may ride by themselves for an extended period of time in order to prepare for a competition or get exercise. Moreover, a bicyclist may be on the road for hours because they do not have a vehicle or access to public transportation and need to get somewhere.

Are injury-related deaths among teens on the rise?

There are a number of different hazards that young people face on a daily basis, from violence and health problems to suicide. However, traffic accidents are especially concerning and have claimed the lives of many young people across the country. Moreover, there is evidence which shows that the number of young people who pass away due to traffic crashes has been increasing after years of declining.

A report that was recently published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the number of injury-related fatalities among people between the ages of 10 and 19 years old has increased in recent years. A number of causes were identified by the CDC, such as suicide and homicide, but motor vehicle accidents were one of the leading causes of death for people in this age group. Moreover, the total death rate for those between 10 and 19 years old went up 12 percent between 2013 through 2016.

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