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Addressing a work-related injury

Each day, workers across the country who are employed in diverse fields sustain an injury at work. Bickerton Law Group, LLLP understands the numerous struggles that injured employees frequently have to go through in Honolulu, and cities all over the state. As a result, we believe it is vital for workers who were hurt while performing their job duties to address the injury appropriately.

Are auto crashes more common on Independence Day?

Although motor vehicle wrecks can take place during any time of the year, there are certain occasions when the likelihood of crashes is even greater. For example, Independence Day can be particularly dangerous for drivers and vehicle occupants for all sorts of reasons. If you have been struck by a reckless driver, it is essential for you to do what you can to piece your life together in every way possible.

Health conditions and traffic accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 90 Americans lose their lives each day due to traffic accidents. Motor vehicle collisions occur for diverse reasons, from drug and alcohol use to speeding and excessive drowsiness. However, some of these wrecks are the result of health conditions that interfere with a driver’s ability to drive safe and it is vital for all drivers to realize the risks.

Recovering from a drunk driving crash

When it comes to personal injury cases, there are all sorts of reasons why people become hurt. Sometimes, thees injuries take place because of another person's negligent behavior, such as someone making the poor decision to operate a vehicle while they are intoxicated. In Honolulu, it is pivotal for victims of drunk driving wrecks to firmly stand up for their rights. At Bickerton Law Group, LLLP, our law firm knows how devastating these accidents can be for victims and even their entire family.

How can I lower the risk that my doctor will make a mistake?

When you need to go to your health care provider in Hawaii for any reason, you may feel as if you have a passive role in the visit. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, this could be a choice that puts your well-being at risk.

A doctor's mistake should not be your financial burden

When you go to a doctor for medical care, it is with the expectation that you will receive adequate care and personal attention. When a Hawaii doctor fails in his or her responsibility to you, you may suffer addition pain, additional surgeries and other extensive medical needs.

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