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High costs of motor vehicle accidents

Serious motor vehicle accidents in Hawaii can result in high costs, not just monetarily but emotionally and mentally as well. In cases related to personal injury, whether there was serious injury or even death, there are numerous things victims can pursue compensation for.

Are train companies held liable for injuries?

With recent Amtrak derailments and accidents, people in Hawaii are wondering who pays for injuries and damage in train crashes. In the past few months, Amtrak has been the focus due to numerous catasrophes that have resulted in serious injury and even death. Although investigations are ongoing, and Amtrak may be found not to be at-fault, there is a good chance the company will still be the one who pays out the money for medical bills, funeral expenses, and lost wages.

Can marijuana use lead to serious accidents?

Drivers in Hawaii who operate under the influence of marijuana pose a threat to themselves and other drivers on the road. Although marijuana use is legal for medical purposes, users still need to smoke responsibly and take care to refrain from operating a motor vehicle until the effects have passed through their system.

Car accidents and chest trauma

Car accidents can have major impacts for drivers in Hawaii. While a collision often results in damage to the vehicle, it can also cause a number of injuries to the passengers in the car. While neck injuries, such as whiplash, are well known, the chest area can also take the brunt of the force and this can lead to serious damage.

Cerebral palsy due to medical error

Parents in Hawaii who have a child with cerebral palsy may choose to take legal action against the healthcare team if it is suspected the injury is due to medical error. Cerebral palsy is one of the more common types of birth injuries, and the symptoms can vary from mild to serious.

Car accidents and brain injury

People in Hawaii who are involved in car accidents may come away from the event with a range of injuries - from light bruising to more serious harm such as paralyzation or brain injury. A blow to the head caused by a vehicular accident is known as a traumatic brain injury, and this can vary in severity.

How can you survive the dazing effects of a car accident?

FindLaw offers tips for drivers involved in accidents on Hawaii's highways. In the aftermath of a collision, motorists often find themselves dazed and disoriented. If this happens to you, having a plan of action will guide your next steps.

Looking at other pedestrian accident causes

When someone is trying to cross the street or even just walking along a sidewalk, a reckless driver can pose a serious threat. Tragically, some pedestrians are struck by careless drivers who fail to obey traffic safety laws, whether they reach dangerous speeds, do not stop at a stop sign, or are operating their vehicle while intoxicated from drug use or alcohol. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents have many other causes as well.

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