Running errands for your employer and traffic accidents

On Behalf of | May 18, 2018 | Serious Personal Injury

For some people, job responsibilities are centered around driving on a daily basis, such as those who drive a large truck or a taxi driver. For others, job duties may not typically involve driving a vehicle, however there may be times when getting behind the wheel at work is necessary. For example, someone may be asked to run errands for their employer. While running these errands, whether they are picking up lunch or buying equipment, an accident may occur. If you are hurt in an on the job accident, you need to know your options.

There are a number of reasons why it can be especially dangerous for an employee to run errands. For example, they may not be familiar with driving a certain type of company vehicle or the roads in a particular area, increasing the likelihood of a collision. They may also be under a great deal of stressed or be suffering from work-related fatigue. Unfortunately, employees who are hurt in a job-related accident may suffer numerous consequences, from physical pain to injuries that keep them from ever returning to work and financial troubles. As a result, it is critical for workers in this position to recover.

Many people who have been hurt at work are able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits to help with some of the problems they are facing. Sometimes, people even decide that taking legal action is necessary because of another’s negligent behavior. Visit our injury webpage to read about additional work-related traffic crash information.