Motorcycles and safety

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Serious Personal Injury

Hawaii, with its great weather and beautiful scenery, is the perfect place for a motorcycle ride. However, motorcycles pose a danger on the road, and riders can sustain major injuries and even death when accidents occur. To reduce the number of crashes, there are a number of safety considerations that should be followed.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, deaths due to motorcycle accidents occur almost 29 times more frequently than fatalities in other motor vehicles. Crashes often occur because motorcycles are high-performing vehicles, they are difficult to see and they are not as stable as cars. Because they are not enclosed, head injuries are quite common.

To reduce the number of fatal and serious head injuries, the state of Hawaii has enacted some helmet laws. According to the Hawaii Department of Health, all riders 17 years of age or younger are required to wear a helmet. Children who are six years old and younger are not allowed to operate or ride motorcycles in any capacity. Motorcycle operators are also required to obtain a license. This requires getting a permit, taking a safety course and passing a motorcycle road test.

To help riders get ready for their test, and improve their road skills, the University of Hawaii offers riding classes. The tuition covers the cost of all materials and motorcycle use, and a class consists of 10 hours of classroom study and 14 hours of training on a bike. Motorcycle operators are also required to follow the same rules of the road that other vehicle drivers must abide by.