Motor vehicle collisions and influenza

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | Serious Personal Injury

While some motor vehicle accident causes receive a great deal of attention, such as accidents caused by drunk drivers, there are many other hazards and forms of risky behavior that may go under the radar. For example, some people in Honolulu may find themselves in a car accident because they were struck by someone who was too sick to safely operate a vehicle. Sadly, the consequences of a traffic collision can be extremely serious, without regard to the cause. From lost lives to physical pain and financial woes, victims of these wrecks deserve justice.

There are different ways that the seasonal flu could play a role in a motor vehicle collision. For example, someone who is taking a particular medication to cope with their illness may become drowsy and unable to drive properly. Or, a person could be very fatigued because they have lost sleep due to their illness. Furthermore, people may become distracted or unable to pay attention to the road because of various symptoms they are suffering from, such as persistent headaches, sneezing, a high fever and more.

If you are hit by a driver who was too sick to be on the road, you should not think twice about taking action to protect your interests. Whether you cannot work or are worried about how you will pay your hospital expenses, these crashes can lead to all sorts of challenges. On our page devoted to serious personal injury, you can view information that is closely related to car collisions.