Addressing a medication error

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Serious Personal Injury

Personal injury cases take many forms, whether they involve an auto crash or animal bite. Unfortunately, medical malpractice accounts for many of these injuries and the consequences can be terrible for patients and those who they love. At Bickerton Law Group, LLLP, we know that many people need to take various medications for conditions they suffer from. Sometimes, medication errors can create life-changing hardships for victims in Honolulu.

A medication error may happen for any number of reasons. Whether your doctor has poor handwriting and the prescription is misread or your pharmacist fails to read your prescription appropriately, these incidents can be devastating. Drug interactions are another way that medication errors can take place. For example, you may be required to take multiple medications and your medical professional may fail to pay attention and notice that one drug will interact with another in a dangerous way. Furthermore, some people are prescribed the wrong dose of a particular drug.

Often, medication errors that wreck the lives of victims were preventable and happened because someone was inexperienced or failed to take their time. For someone who is struggling with the consequences of a medication error, which could include a devastating injury, pain, and financial problems, this can be especially tough to accept. Because these errors are a very serious issue, victims should immediately look into doing what they can to hold medical professionals accountable.

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