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Sharing traffic accident details online

In the aftermath of a traffic collision, victims may have many questions. Additionally, you might be upset or stressed out about how the accident will affect your future. Sometimes, people turn to social media to share details about what they have been through, find support from others in their community, and gain access to information. However, it is very important to be mindful with regard to the type of information you post. Unfortunately, sharing certain details could hurt your chances of moving forward if you decide to take legal action or file a claim with an insurance provider.

Pedestrian accidents and Halloween

Pedestrians face diverse threats whether they are walking to work or simply getting some exercise. Unfortunately, some are struck by drunk drivers or drivers who fail to pay attention to the road. Moreover, there are certain times when pedestrians face an even greater risk of being struck and when pedestrian accidents are more common due to increased traffic. For example, Halloween can be especially dangerous for those who go door-to-door while trick-or-treating. Our law firm knows that pedestrian accidents can be very emotional for victims and those they love, which highlights how crucial it is for parents and children to be mindful during Halloween. Sadly, reckless drivers will continue to destroy lives.

Can vision problems cause a car crash?

An array of dangers can lead to a motor vehicle wreck, many of which are addressed on this blog. Aside from some of the more common causes, such as reckless driving due to ignoring speed limits or driving under the influence, there are all sorts of other risks that can lead to a wreck. For example, vision problems and anything which interferes with a driver's vision can cause a traffic collision. If you are struck by someone, whether they were drunk or simply had an inability to see the road properly, you need to examine your options.

Looking over unique car accident causes

On this blog, we have discussed some of the consequences that come with motor vehicle accidents, such as injuries which throw a victim's life upside down. Sadly, we know that reckless drivers put lives at risks for all sorts of reasons and that these behaviors are far too common. However, people may find themselves struggling to recover from an accident that took place due to a less common reason. For example, you may be hit by a driver who became distracted because of a spider.

Drugged driving and its dangers

While it is common knowledge that driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and against the law, drivers in Honolulu should also be aware that prescription drugs can cause the same issues as alcohol. Known as drugged driving, using certain prescription medications and then getting behind the wheel has been shown to result in a variety of effects, including drowsiness, recklessness and dizziness.

Motorcycle accidents involving a sidecar

Motorcyclists face a number of risks when they take to the road. Sadly, when a negligent driver collides with a motorcycle, the motorcyclist may face an especially high chance of sustaining an injury or even passing away. Furthermore, it is crucial to remember that each accident is unique. For example, if you have a sidecar on your motorcycle, someone riding along may sustain an injury when they are struck by a vehicle. Our law firm understands the hardships that motorcyclists face following an accident and we believe that victims of these wrecks deserve justice.

Motor vehicle collisions and influenza

While some motor vehicle accident causes receive a great deal of attention, such as accidents caused by drunk drivers, there are many other hazards and forms of risky behavior that may go under the radar. For example, some people in Honolulu may find themselves in a car accident because they were struck by someone who was too sick to safely operate a vehicle. Sadly, the consequences of a traffic collision can be extremely serious, without regard to the cause. From lost lives to physical pain and financial woes, victims of these wrecks deserve justice.

Fall weather and traffic collisions

Often, drivers are well aware of the hazards that ice and snow can present on roads across the country. However, some drivers do not realize that slick roads from heavy rainfall are also extremely dangerous. In fact, a large number of the weather-related traffic crashes that occur are the result of rainfall, so it is vital for you to be mindful of the risks whenever you drive in the rain or shortly after it has stopped raining. We know how dangerous the fall can be for everyone on the road and far too many people find themselves involved in an accident during this time of year.

Addressing a medication error

Personal injury cases take many forms, whether they involve an auto crash or animal bite. Unfortunately, medical malpractice accounts for many of these injuries and the consequences can be terrible for patients and those who they love. At Bickerton Law Group, LLLP, we know that many people need to take various medications for conditions they suffer from. Sometimes, medication errors can create life-changing hardships for victims in Honolulu.

Recovering from a slip-and-fall injury

Sadly, people become injured as a result of the negligent behavior of others in many ways. From drunk driving crashes to workplace incidents that never should have happened, Bickerton Law Group, LLLP knows the challenges that victims can face moving forward. Regrettably, some people in Honolulu become injured after falling down on a wet surface that was left unaddressed. If you are trying to recover from a slip-and-fall injury, it is vital to go over all of your legal options.

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