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Getting serious about distracted driving

Drivers in Hawaii have a lot going on besides just operating their vehicles. They are changing radio stations, eating, reaching for something in the back seat, laughing with their passengers, using the navigation system and talking on the phone. While these may seem innocent, all of these activities cause drivers to be distracted, which can lead to serious, and even fatal, accidents. To help improve driving safety, programs and laws are being introduced in states all over the country.

Looking at risks associated with nighttime driving

There are a variety of instances where driving can be especially dangerous, such as driving at night. During nighttime hours, the likelihood of an accident on the road may be increased for a variety of reasons, which we will discuss in this post. Our law firm knows how painful accidents can be from a physical, financial, and emotional point of view, which is why prevention is so important. Moreover, those involved in a wreck should carefully look over legal options if someone else’s behavior caused the crash.

What if I am hurt by a driver on drugs?

If drivers in Hawaii are in an accident with another driver who has been drinking alcohol, it is pretty obvious they can go after the driver for injuries and damage that was sustained. However, what if the other driver is found not to have any alcohol in their system? If the driver is, instead, found to be under the influence of drugs the injured party may still take legal action because drugs can have similar, or other damaging effects, as alcohol on driving ability.

How to pursue a medical malpractice claim

Patients in Hawaii who have been injured due to a medical mistake may want to take action against the healthcare team that was in charge of their care. Because the majority of doctors and other healthcare professionals have their patients' best care in mind, a medical mistake is usually just that, and sometimes a resolution can be reached without the need to go to court. In order to get the best possible outcome, the injured party should follow a number of steps.

Anesthesia errors and how to prevent them

Surgeries and other procedures involving anesthesia in Hawaii are accompanied by a certain amount of risk. Errors relating to this can result in a number of complications including more serious ones such as brain damage and death. By studying why these errors occur, professionals in the industry are continually working on ways to reduce these mistakes.

Posting on social media following a collision

There are a wide variety of factors to take into consideration when it comes to motor vehicle collisions, especially in recent years. In the digital age, many people use social media on a daily basis. While these networking platforms can be a great way to keep in touch with loved ones and friends, they may cause certain problems if a user is not careful. For example, someone who is considering legal action or filing a claim with an insurance company following a motor vehicle crash may hurt their case by sharing certain types of information on social media.

Liability for self-driving cars

Self-driving cars have been talked about for years, and the reality seems to be getting closer. However, residents in Hawaii will still have to wait for them to get past the testing stage, as some of the tests demonstrate the technology is not working properly. Recent accidents also beg the question of who is responsible in the event of a crash.

Emergency room errors can lead to serious injuries

No one wants to have to go to the emergency room, but those who go expect the best care and possible outcome. Patients in Hawaii should be aware that medical errors in emergency situations are quite common, and it is important to understand how they occur and what can be done to decrease the incidence of harm.

Delayed symptoms related to car accidents

Car accidents in Hawaii often result in physical damage to the vehicles involved, and sometimes the driver and/or passengers experience pain as well. The thing is that symptoms related to these crashes do not always show up right after the accident. Victims need to be aware of these symptoms because some of them are indications of serious injury that needs attention right away.

Motorcycles and safety

Hawaii, with its great weather and beautiful scenery, is the perfect place for a motorcycle ride. However, motorcycles pose a danger on the road, and riders can sustain major injuries and even death when accidents occur. To reduce the number of crashes, there are a number of safety considerations that should be followed.

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