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Taking on Goliath through a class action lawsuit

You likely hear the news stories about people in Hawaii and elsewhere suffering injuries from igniting cell phone batteries, exploding airbags or defective medical devices. Perhaps you have experienced a similar incident with a product, and you considered trying to seek some compensation from the company. The factor that held you back was probably the idea of paying a lawyer to take on a big company for what would end up being a pittance in return if anything.

Could a class action lawsuit help you receive compensation?

As a consumer, you often trust the products you use to work in an intended manner, contain the intended ingredients and pose little threat to you. Unfortunately, certain errors in manufacturing or other issues could result in you or a loved one suffering serious injuries or illness as a result of using the product. In such cases, you may also have concerns for the well-being of others as the problem with the product could easily affect other people, and you may also wonder whether the possibility exists for gaining compensation.

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