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What are deceptive trade practices?

While we want to believe that all companies have their consumers' best interests in mind, it stands that sometimes, certain business practices cannot be trusted and certain Hawaii companies are only out for their own interests. When a company has misrepresented itself or its services to consumers in any way, this can be grounds for a consumer class action regarding deceptive trade practices. But what exactly are deceptive trade practices?

Taking on Goliath through a class action lawsuit

You likely hear the news stories about people in Hawaii and elsewhere suffering injuries from igniting cell phone batteries, exploding airbags or defective medical devices. Perhaps you have experienced a similar incident with a product, and you considered trying to seek some compensation from the company. The factor that held you back was probably the idea of paying a lawyer to take on a big company for what would end up being a pittance in return if anything.

Things to consider before joining a class action lawsuit

People in Hawaii could receive notice in the mail that they may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit when they were not even aware that they had been taken advantage of by a business or put at risk by a defective product. FindLaw explains that these may result in judgments in the millions. Even if they only provide a small payout when divided among the hundreds or even thousands of individuals involved, people may want to consider opting in.

Unfair competition and the consumer

In a capitalist society, competition is generally considered a good thing. It often requires companies to continue improving the quality of their products while keeping their prices in check. However, some people attempt to advance their companies in an unethical manner by engaging in unfair competition. According to Cornell Law School, unfair competition is the use of deceit or fraudulent tactics, causing economic harm to another business. These practices may cause harm to consumers in Hawaii as well.

Could a class action lawsuit help you receive compensation?

As a consumer, you often trust the products you use to work in an intended manner, contain the intended ingredients and pose little threat to you. Unfortunately, certain errors in manufacturing or other issues could result in you or a loved one suffering serious injuries or illness as a result of using the product. In such cases, you may also have concerns for the well-being of others as the problem with the product could easily affect other people, and you may also wonder whether the possibility exists for gaining compensation.

Hepatitis A outbreaks sicken hundreds in Hawaii

Recently, the Hilo Fish Company recalled its tuna after a few batches of the food product tested positive for hepatitis A, which is unusual. The vast majority of recalls for bacterial contamination involve salmonella and Listeria. However, Hawaii has been dealing with a number of hepatitis A outbreaks, which have spurred the Hawaii Department of Health to investigate new methods to fight the hepatitis A virus.

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